H.I. Movement – Customer Service Is Not Dead

U.S. Pest is on a H.I. mission to save the world from a dying customer service culture and restore faith in humanity.

President & CEO of U.S. Pest Protection, Erica Brister, and the team at U.S. Pest have developed a unique revolution. This new movement is to strategically combat the negative effects of artificial intelligence, A.I.

First of all, what is the H.I. revolution? Human Interaction revolution. Our mission is not just pest control, it’s more than that. We are driven to impress customers on a primal level and save lives through legitimate human relationships with our customers.

Due to the current age of A.I., it is easy for businesses to get distracted. With the developing shiny technology, boasting of streamlining and automation, it’s easy to get distracted daily.  Don’t feed the electronic beast. Let your customers starve from lack of attention.

Furthermore, our valued customers help successfully drive our business. These customers are also living in a busy, distracted world that is moving faster than ever.

Above all, the social responsibility of U.S. Pest isn’t about global warming. Our responsibility is about creating a business environment and marketplace that offers real human interaction. Human beings that actually verbally speak and listen to one another is our focus in today’s world.

You Have Our Full Attention

One of the simple ways the team at U.S. Pest carries out this H.I. is simply by answering the phone when it rings!  That’s right, no automation when someone calls our offices. How we answer our phones is a crucial first impression that exemplifies the kind of customer experience we intend to deliver. We actually tell the caller,

“You have my full attention”.

us-pest-erica-customer-serviceIt is rare to have someone’s full attention in today’s society. Also, this is just one example how we are influencing the world around us.  In addition, it is not money or discounts that give people the warm and fuzzies but the listening that makes them feel important, heard and alive. Although we focus on the human element of communication, we have other forms of contact for convenience such as contact forms on our website, email messaging options, and social media.

Let It Be Known – We Listen & Communicate

Every U.S. Pest customer from the thirty five dollar a month account to the two thousand dollar a month account is given the same attention. The luxury of excellent customer service is a free component we offer to all our customers. We listen and react based on what we hear. Furthermore, listening is the magic ingredient in customer service and it costs nothing!

Public service announcements in European countries are being broadcast to teach the public how to chit chat to prevent suicides on the rail system. “The Samaritans have launched a hard-hitting campaign to encourage people to talk to someone they feel may take their own life on the rail network.”  Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLlRZzZdwBo

Most noteworthy, the communal interaction between strangers is being lost which results in an increase of suicides.

Finally, U.S. Pest is taking the reigns and making a difference in today’s world of technology. Sure it’s convenient. U.S. Pest is a southern company. It is known that the southern lifestyle is a little bit more laid back, but even southerners are guilty of distracted living. We are going to begin with Tennessee and start a revolutionary movement to revive the human interaction!