Customer service experiences at U.S. Pest are some of the highest rated experiences in the industry. We value our customers and want nothing more but to provide high quality pest control services and, at the same time, outstanding customer service.


Meaningful Customer Service Experience at U.S. Pest

First of all, we do whatever it takes at U.S. Pest to provide the best customer service possible. Beginning with the very first phone call to U.S. Pest, to the last contact that the customer experiences, we want our customers’ experience with U.S. Pest to be excellent throughout the whole process.

When a customer reaches out to U.S. Pest Protection via the phone, they will receive a particular greeting upon the beginning of the phone call that we pride ourselves in.

“It’s an amazing day at U.S. Pest, my name is ____ , you have my full attention.”

Human interaction is very important to us at U.S. Pest. As a result, we have taken proactive measures to improve our customer interaction and communication. Due to the age of technology, many new avenues of technology have hindered a lot of businesses from building relationships with their customers. Also, it not only hurts their reputation as a business, but it hurts their relationships with their customers. The communication process is a large part of the customer service experience. Above all, U.S. Pest is leading the pack in the world of customer service for the pest control industry.


Technology Affects On Customer Service & Human Interaction

Our team of professionals implement the standards that businesses used to put into place before technology was so advanced. How do you feel when you call a business and a robotic answering machine guides you through prompts? It irritates you sometimes right? Furthermore, it’s not very customer service oriented in our opinion. Most people want to talk to a real human-being. That is why we do things differently at U.S. Pest Protection! We want our customers to experience the most human experience possible.

Furthermore, to be able to interact with someone, you are able to assess their emotions and process their requests in a more fashionable sense. In some cases, businesses eliminating human interaction and replacing them with computers is a cheap way to try to save time, money, and work.

U.S. Pest strives to be professional and our employees do not stop until your problems are resolved. Management, team members, and corporate staff are always ready to go the extra mile for our customers. To elaborate, at the end of a phone call at U.S. Pest, our customers are asked:

“Is there anything else that I can do to make your day more excellent?!”


Customer Relation and Service at Your Home or Business

First of all, providing excellent service from a pest or termite pro standpoint in the field is also very important. Preventing or resolving pest, termite or moisture issues in a customer’s home is priority and the whole reason we are in business. But, our main concern throughout the whole process is to provide the most excellent service possible!

Furthermore, our professionals examine your home or business thoroughly. Searching for areas where pests may be living or congregating can include inspection of pipes and areas under your home or business. Looking for hidden or visible termite pest activity is a service we pride ourselves thanks to our highly experienced and trained professionals.  Being able to provide a service that protects your home from being permanently damaged from termites, moisture or unwanted water issues is valued by all of our customers.

Finally, our professionals perform our services and treatments with great care, securing you and your family’s health and your property. Your health is our main concern. Your property is next in line, as it is the prevention stage to pests entering your home. Our services also protect your animals and pets!

Treatment Services

During our treatment process, we highly emphasize good communication. We want the customer to understand fully each step in the process, including details of the suggested treatment.

In addition, after the treatment, we provide a comprehensive report for you to know exactly which products were used and which services were performed. Therefore, never hesitate to ask us about the details of the treatment or bring up any concerns about the process.

Finally, our professionals communicate daily with our office staff and management. Our team members will call you a few days after a treatment to guarantee it has been successful. You are also welcome to contact us anytime with questions or comments on our services. If you are not 100% satisfied, we provide corrective services at no additional charge. We do not rest until your problem has been solved and we guarantee our service at U.S. Pest.



Key Elements To Our Customer Service Experience

Below are some key elements that make our customer service experience at U.S. Pest the best in the industry. Read below:

  • All U.S. Pest customers are welcomed with a smile and greeted properly over the phone.
  • Human interaction communication with our customers is a major priority to insure the best service is received.
  • Our professionals are knowledgeable & put through extensive training.
  • U.S. Pest professionals are trained to do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to protect your home or business.
  • Team members go above & beyond to insure the best customer service experience is received by all of our customers.

Most noteworthy, we are dedicated to offering the best customer services available in the pest control industry. Let us prove it! Call us today and find out why we are different. Be sure to ask about our Free Inspections.