Commercial Pest Control

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a restaurant’s kitchen? You may have heard stories of people receiving food that contains bugs, so how are you supposed to know whether the food you’re eating was prepared in a sanitary, pest-free environment?

The state of Tennessee has the answer. They’ve created a new, free app that allows you to see the inspection scores of any restaurant or store that prepares food in the state – no matter where it’s located. Grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and even food trucks will be listed so that you can not only see their scores, but also information about what violations were cited.


This may make you a little squeamish, but it’s very common for commercial kitchens to experience pest invasion problems. Cockroaches, flies, and rodents are some of the most common pests found. Frequent pest control is a necessity to maintain a healthy commercial kitchen, and to ensure the safety of customers.


With the new Tennessee Restaurant Inspection app, you can be more confident about the safety of your family. You will know whether the restaurant maintains a clean workspace – both now, and in the past. And restaurants will be held accountable for their performances, as an old score cannot simply be removed. The power is now in your hands; you have accessibility to the knowledge you need to protect what matters most.


If you’d like to download the app, you can visit http://tn.gov/main/article/mobile-apps.