Spring break is right around the corner! Over 80% of hotels have been treated for bed bugs in the past year.
Do you know how to check for bed bugs in your hotel room?!

First place your bags in the bathroom tub. Never put your suitcase, clothes or personal items on the bed as this is the most common way to get bed bugs in your possessions and transfer them to your home.

Use the flashlight on your phone to inspect for black or brown spots on the furniture and mattresses in the room. Another important place to inspect for bed bugs that is often overlooked is the luggage rack or valet. After all is clear, elevate luggage off the floor.

As soon as you get home from your trip place your clothing directly into the dyer. Dry on the highest temperature for 15 minutes, then vacuum your suitcase, inside and out.

Following these useful tips and tricks could help prevent bringing back a bed bug infestation after traveling. Any questions or concerns on inspecting for bed bugs give U.S. Pest Protection a call at 615.590.1260 or go to https://uspestprotects.wpengine.com/free-pest-inspection/