Buzzing Around: Red Wasp Infestation

No one enjoys dealing with an infestation, but a red wasps infestation can be challenging and overwhelming. If you are dealing with an infestation of wasps, there’s a good chance that it’s red wasps. A red wasp is a type of paper wasp that builds papery, umbrella like nests made up of honeycomb cells. The queen will remain hidden over the winter months in order to start a new colony for the spring time. The males are only around in the later months for reproductive purposes.

The nests they build will be in areas that offer plenty of protection from the elements. This can lead to them finding their way into your attic, shed, eaves or any other area that would give protection to their nest. Red wasps are very protective of their nests and will defend it if need be. They are considered a community insect and will build a huge, round nest and create families within.

The red wasp’s nest will typically look like a big textured ball or a hemisphere made out of dry wood. The material used to make the nest comes from the red wasp mixing its saliva with wood. After it’s constructed, it will look like a very thin piece of paper. The construction of the nest won’t start until early April and after.

The best ways to prevent a red wasp infestation are to make sure all food is covered and eating areas are clean. Wasps are attracted to left out or open containers of food, and trash bins. Make sure you keep all garbage cans tightly sealed at all times. Try to seal off any openings in your home and garage to prevent them from building a nest. These simple steps can help you from dealing with wasps.