Brown Recluse Inspection Treatments by U.S. Pest Protection

Brown Recluse Inspection Treatments | Many homeowners living in the central region of the United States are concerned about the presence of brown recluse spiders in their homes.

First of all, these spiders have a bad reputation for having a poisonous bite. In the middle Tennessee area the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) is commonly found in homes. U. S. Pest Protection offers a program to rid homes of this spider’s infestation.


How U.S. Pest will inspect and treat for brown recluse spiders

The first phase of brown recluse control is to properly identify the spider. Brown recluse spiders normally prefer dark, hidden and reclusive areas to live. These habits give the spider its name. You will not commonly see the spider out running around on the floor of your home unless it is disturbed.

The brown recluse spiders can generally be identified by the violin shaped mark on their back behind the eyes. Also, they have a uniform brownish buff color and patterns on the abdomen. The adult body is usually about 1/2 inch long and about the size of a quarter with legs out. If you think you have brown recluse spiders, it is suggested to carefully save a dead specimen for identification.


Brown Recluse Spider Inspection And Pre Treatment

When the professional inspector arrives from U.S. Pest, they may ask you some general questions. Questions could center around what and where you have see the spiders. Furthermore, they may ask if you have a saved a specimen. If no captured spider is available the inspector will do a thorough inspection of the home to locate any spider activity.

During the inspection they will investigate closets, storage rooms, under and around furniture, garages and basements. They may also place monitoring glue boards in out of the way areas if no spiders can be found.

It is important to correctly identify this spider during the inspection process because a much more comprehensive treatment is required.


Brown Recluse Spider Treatment Preparation in Tennessee

Once it has been determined the home has brown recluse a treatment can be scheduled. It is very important to have the home properly prepared for treatment. This preparation is critical to have the best results for control and prevention.

The homeowner will be given a preparation checklist prior to treatment with instructions. Preparations would include removing all items from under beds and the floors of closets. Sealing all cardboard boxes with tape is important. If possible pulling furniture away from walls to allow treatment access.

It would also be important to unplug electronic devices. Plug and switch plates will be remove for treatment.

As mentioned, the treatment to control brown recluse spiders is very comprehensive. Control products will be placed in those hidden areas where the spiders live and travel. When the scheduled appointment day and home is prepped, the treatment will begin.


Some items to remember about brown recluse spider treatments:

  • Professional brown recluse spider control involves a comprehensive treatment protocol.
  • Preparation for treatment is a key element for the best results.
  • Correct identification of a brown recluse spider infestation is required before a comprehensive treatment program is warranted.


On the scheduled day the U. S. Pest Protection “Pest Pro” will arrive to perform the treatment. He will do an initial inspection to identify treatment areas and make sure all is in preparation. At this time all occupants including the pets must leave the home. Fish aquariums can be covered with a damp towel and pumps turned off.


Treatment Performance Process for Brown Recluse In Tennessee

Once the home is vacant the Pest Pro will begin the treatment process. All plug and switch plates will be removed to allow treatment into the hidden wall voids. The plates will then be replaced.

Treatment will be applied into cracks and crevices at the baseboard areas. Treatment will also be applied in closets, behind and under beds and furniture. Control products will also applied in the attic areas. The purpose of this comprehensive treatment is to treat all areas the spiders will hide and travel.


Post Brown Recluse Spider Treatment

Finally, after the treatment is completed the Pest Pro will lock and secure the home. Occupants can normally return in four hours and after all treatment materials have dried.

The homeowner may see some increased spider activity in daylight hours after the treatment. This activity is somewhat common because the spiders have been forced out of their hidden areas. They will soon die from their contact with the control agents. U.S. Pest Protection will then schedule a follow up inspection to monitor success in 7-10 days.



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