Brown Recluse Infestation found on this U.S. Pest Protection monitoring board

Did you know there’s a scientific reason to why all these brown recluse spiders are on this monitoring board?

Look at all the brown recluse spiders that our U.S. Pest Professional found on this monitoring board in Gallatin, TN. Instead of sitting on a web waiting for prey, brown recluse spiders actively hunt for dead insects. Spiders on a monitoring board serve as bait for the other spiders. If you catch one spider on a glue board, you will catch more than one if there is a brown recluse infestation! For more information on brown recluse spiders visit us at www.uspest.com

These are spiders you really don’t want to mess with. It is important to control any brown recluse spider populations in your home or garage immediately before it becomes a really big problem. If you think you’ve seen or found a brown recluse spider. Call U.S. Pest today at 615-822-8500 for a FREE INSPECTION