Black Beetles – Homeowners are always wondering what those black bugs are that may wander into the house during different times of the year. Most of the time these are black ground beetles.


Black Ground Beetles in Tennessee

Black ground beetles are common insects that generally live outside under mulch, stones and logs. They prefer to live outdoors but may enter houses around exterior doors and cracks during dry or very wet weather and in the fall when cold weather starts.


Species of ground beetles

There are a number of species of ground beetles and related beetles that may enter your home.  These insects are not generally pests that will affect your health or property and are mainly a nuisance pest that enter you home due to adverse weather.


Life cycle of the black beetle

Black ground beetles have a complete life cycle that is comprised of egg, larvae, pupae and adult. The larvae look somewhat like white grubs that usually will stay under mulch, stone and other material.


Some interesting tidbits about black ground beetles

  • There are over 2,000 species of ground beetles in North America
  • Some ground beetles secrete a noxious liquid with a bad odor
  • Some ground beetles are predators of other insects

Remember it might be a good idea not to pick up a ground beetle because many can squirt a noxious liquid that can sting eyes and produce a bad odor.


Preventing black beetles from taking over your home

Black ground beetle and other ground beetle control relies on reducing harborage areas around the structure. Harborage includes mulch, leaves and other areas that provide them protection. Seal cracks around doors and foundations. Outdoor perimeter treatment around the exterior of the structure will reduce populations.

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