us-pest-avoiding-ticks-preventionAvoiding ticks is something we all want to do. Ticks can be a major concern for people and their domestic pets, especially in the spring, summer and fall seasons. What are some of the ways we can avoid these blood-sucking pests?


Avoiding Ticks in Tennessee and Prevention

The first approach to avoiding ticks is to stay out of tick-infested areas. Many people love to hike in forests where ticks and their animal hosts live. this sounds like common sense but sometimes people forget about the tick threat in these areas. Many people tuck their socks into their pants to prevent ticks from crawling up pants legs.

We also forget that our own property can contain tick populations. If your property is visited by wild animals like deer, squirrels, rabbits or other animals they can bring ticks along during their visit. The same goes for stray dogs and cats. Ticks will drop off of the animal after it feeding to wait for the next victim to come along.

Adjust the environment on your property to reduce tick populations. Ticks will try to find high grass or scrubs to crawl up on to drop down on a potential animal host for a blood meal. If you keep your lawn and weeds mowed down and trim those shrubs back it will help to reduce tick populations.

Check your pets for ticks. Your pets normally go outdoors and roam around and can come into contact with tick sitting there waiting to pounce on them. This can happen even in a fenced yard because mice and squirrels with ticks may be visiting your bird feeder. While you are at it check the children and yourself for ticks.


Basic points to avoid ticks

  • Stay our of tick-infested areas
  • Inspect your animal pets and family after ourdoor excursions
  • Wear protective clothing or repellant products to avoid ticks


There are ways to keep ticks off you and your pest.

You can obtain veterinarian products that will control ticks on your pets. There is manufactured clothing impregnated with permethrin to control ticks on clothes. Last but not least you may need a professional pest management company to treat your yard to control tick populations.

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