Attracting Ants Into Your Home – Ants are commonly found outside, but it’s a nuisance when they’re in the kitchen. Sometimes you might see one on the counter or you may find a trail of them going back and forth from a particular area. So, what makes them come inside? How can I prevent them?

Potential Damage From Attracting Ants Into Your Home

Some species of ants can cause significant damage. For instance, ants can infest food in the home. Not only does this ruin the food that became infested, but they may spread to other items, making it harder to get rid of them.

Ants found outside on the other hand don’t possess much of a threat. Anthills can be annoying to see in your yard, but they don’t affect anything. The problem with ants is they are so small and have such large colonies that it’s difficult to eliminate them.

Diet of the Average Ant

When it comes to food, ants are not picky eaters. Ants are seen as opportunistic and can adapt if needed to stay alive. Sugar also attracts ants because they need the energy to work for the colony. This poses a problem from any sugary drinks in the kitchen or outside left for an extended time. Sugar can cause an abundance of ants to swarm.

Most people believe ants don’t like water, and simply pouring water on them causes them to die. This theory is false and misleading. Ants, like any organism, need water for survival. They will likely try to take it back to the colony, so standing water is not good if you are trying to repel ants.

Other Things Ants Are Attracted To In Your Home:

  • Other insects
  • Grease
  • Plants



Carpenter Ants In Your Home

One particular ant is the carpenter ant.  As the name infers carpenter ants rely on wood for survival. Carpenter ants nest in wood whether it is dry or damp. This can cause damage to structures in or around your home. A common visual sign of this particular ant lurking nearby is the appearance of sawdust, meaning that a carpenter ant has been working.


Prevention And Protection Of Ants

When it comes down to prevention for ants in kitchens, the easiest thing to do is clean well after making any food. Crumbs or anything spilled will interest an ant to stick around. By keeping your kitchen clean, ants are less interested in entering.

Think you might have an ant problem? Regular pest control is the most effective way to repel pests from entering your home. Call U.S. Pest for a free inspection!