The ants come marching in one by one by one and this marching is coming right to your door step. Ants will often make their way into your home looking for a water source or a sweet, greasy food source. This is why they are often found in your kitchen or food pantry.

For ants to find their way into your home they just need the tiniest entry point. That is why it can be challenging to find the exact spot they are coming in through. Ants communicate by an invisible chemical they give off. This helps other ants find a food source and alerts them to danger.

Ants like most insects are social creatures creating nests and colonies. One ant colony can house up to 300,000 to 500,000 ants. Colonies are made up of queens and workers. The queen’s main purpose is to keep the colony alive while the workers are the ones building and finding food. The life span of a queen can be up to fifteen years whereas a worker only lives up to seven years.

Having an ant infestation is a problem that will have to be addressed more than once. This is because the ant colony can and will move. One treatment will not get rid of the whole colony.  This will ensure all ants and their entry points have been treated. Methods of treating for ants are using granular bait, liquid bait, and gel baits to name a few. The bait works as a food source so the ants will pick up the bait and feed it to the colony. After being treated a few times the colony will have died off and you will be ant free.