5 tips for easy fall pest prevention – Here in TN the leaves are slowly beginning to change color and the temperature is declining. Unfortunately, pests are still active during the fall months. This is the time of year where they begin looking for warm shelter, which may be your home. Pests such as spiders, ants, roaches, and stink bugs are some of the common fall pests that can be found within your home. Here are 5 tips for easy fall pest prevention.  


1. Put unused food away 

Pests such as ants are sometimes attracted inside of homes because they can smell left-out food. Especially, food with lots of sugar, such as baked goods or candy will do a better job of attracting ants into your home. Furthermore, one of the primary reasons spiders finds their way into homes is because they know there is a food source. If you are attracting ants into your home, those ants are probably attracting spiders. The best way to avoid this problem is to put any unused food away so it is not lying out and attracting pests. Another good rule of thumb to follow is to take the trash out regularly. Making a habit of this will help limit the number of pests attracted inside your home.  


2. Clean the home 

Taking the time to thoroughly clean off countertops with disinfectant spray, will help to prevent insects from coming inside the home. If there are any spills left out, they may be attracting pests, especially if it is a sugary drink, such as juice or soda. Vacuuming and sweeping around the home is another terrific way to keep the home clean and pest-free. By making sure there are no left-over crumbs on the carpet or a spilled drink on hardwood, pests will find another home to invade.  


3. Fix any foundation areas of the home where pests can find a way to enter the home  

Even though they may be small, pests are Clever and will find a way into your home. Whether this is through cracks in your foundation or an open window, they will find a way. The best way to stop pests from sneaking into the home is to take the time and make sure there are no cracks or crevices they can crawl through. One easy solution to this problem is using caulk. This product easily seals any small cracks or crevices on your home, stopping pests from finding a way inside.  


4. Checking your pets for pests.  

The family pet may be bringing more into your home than just their happy smiles. Pets such as dogs are known to bring fleas into the home, a pest that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Taking the time once a week to wash your fuzzy friends can help prevent any pest from hitching a ride into your home.  

5. Finding a professional pest control company 

To prevent any future infestations from happening, it is recommended to have a professional pest control company visit the home once a month. This way, the pest will not have a chance of getting into your home. One of the best pest control companies here in Middle TN is called U.S. Pest Protection. We have been in business for over twenty years helping residents with their pest control needs. We service a variety of areas and provide a slew of amazing services. To learn more about our one-of-a-kind company, visit uspest.com!




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