11 Places to Look For Bugs While Spring Cleaning

Winter has come and passed, which means spring is here! We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but what else do they bring? Pests.
Having bugs in your living space can make you uneasy. Kick unwanted houseguests out by contacting the pest control professionals—U.S. Pest.

With warm weather right around the corner, everyone is getting into spring cleaning mode. No matter how clean you keep your home, sometimes bug infestations happen. While you’re making the rest of your home spotless, those sneaky pests will hide in various areas that often go unnoticed. If the thought of hidden bugs makes you antsy, check out these 11 places to look for bugs while spring-cleaning.

Pest control while spring cleaning1. Pantries and closets. You should constantly rid your pantries of any food, containers, or products that have been sitting for several months. It is important to check for expired food so you can clear it out to prevent unwanted ants and other bugs from entering your home. Keeping your storages spaces more “active” will make it less likely that pests will decide to nest there. Want to avoid a pest nest in your old box of Lucky Charms? –Be sure to check your pantries and closets during this round of spring cleaning.

2. Boxes. Beetles, moths, and silverfish bugs—oh my! Whether they are under your bed, in the closet, or stored in the attic, cardboard boxes create ideal living quarters for these creepy pests. It is important to go through stored boxes to ensure they are pest-free, and if possible, remove any unnecessary cartons to reduce clutter. Airtight containers are the perfect alternative to cardboard storage boxes that will keep your belongings safe from any bugs in your home.

3. Window sills. Windowsills and doorways are like a gateway for stealthy critters. Check these areas for ants, centipedes, and flies.

4. Corners, nooks, and crannies. Although this space seems like a given for bugs—there are probably more nooks in your house than you think. Stinks bugs will try and sneak into homes during the winter season to escape the bitter cold. Common places to find stink bugs and other migratory pests are in lighting fixtures, floorboards, and similar nooks and crannies in your home.

5. Attics. Do you neglect to clean your attic because it’s not part of your living quarters? Don’t be like the Trost family who left their home unattended and allowed 6,000 brown recluse spiders to invade their property. Pests such as bees, wasps, termites, and spiders can invade your spSpring cleaning pest controlace—especially if it is left unattended for long periods of time. Be sure to rid your attic of unwanted bugs to ensure they don’t sneak into the common areas of your home.

6. Furniture and beddings. No one wants to have a slumber party with pests—that’s for sure. Spring cleaning is the optimal time to lookout for and prevent bed bugs. Launder your clothing, furniture, and make sure your bed is kept clean and tidy. Things to look out for include black marks in your sheets (bed bug droppings), egg casings, and blood spots.

7. Air filters and ventilation. Dirty ventilation systems can be a hoarding ground for unwanted bugs in your home. Be sure to keep your airways clear, which will also give you peace of mind about the air quality within your property. Cleaning your air filters is an easy part of property maintenance that many homeowners neglect.

8. Pet containers. Just like unsealed food in your pantry, pet food attracts ants and other wild animals. It is important to always keep your pet food in airtight containers to prevent attracting unwanted pests. If you feed your pet outdoors, be sure to pick up any remnants at night.

9. Counters. Don’t leave leftovers for your unwanted houseguests. Always clean your dishes and properly store your food in sealed containers after every meal. Dirty counters coated with old food crumbs are the perfect ways to attract hungry pests.

10. Gutters. Spring-cleaning is the perfect time to gut out your gutters. If your home drainage system is not clean, you could be in for a pest control problem. When not working properly, gutters will cause water to pool next to your home. This moist atmosphere creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and termites.

11. Suitcases. If you travel a lot, pests might be making themselves at home in your stored luggage. Check the pockets and lining of your suitcases to ensure they are clear of any unwanted pests. If you discover any bugs in your home, it is important to contact a pest control professional to take care of the problem.

The experts at U.S. Pest will locate the root of your pest problems to ensure your home is safe from unwanted guests. We have been protecting homes in Tennessee from pests for over 30 years, that’s why we are the #1 pest control company in the state. Follow our guide while you start your spring cleaning and contact us today for a free inspection, (615) 590-1260. Having trouble identifying a pest you discovered while cleaning—we’ve got you covered!

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