Virocleanse Sanitizing Service Preparation Instructions

ViroCleanse™ sanitizing service uses a broad-spectrum disinfectant and virucide applied to hard non-porous surfaces. All high contact surfaces are wiped down and then an application is dispersed in fine micron particles that will remain in the air and settle onto all surfaces. The surfaces will remain wet for a minimum of 10 minutes after the treatment allowing the product to work. All occupants must vacate the space prior to the start of treatment and reenter no sooner than the date and time posted on the door (typically 2 hours after service).

In order for our ViroCleanse™ sanitizing service product to provide the best possible solution and protection against bacteria and viruses in your environment, we ask that you make a few simple preparation instructions before we arrive.




• Remove food products or packaging materials from surfaces to be treated and store in cabinets or out of treatment area.

• Leave small appliances such as toasters, microwaves, coffee makers, etc. in place.

• Remove all dishes, glassware, and eating utensils from direct treatment area.

• Move chairs out from under tables to allow product to settle on seating surfaces.



• Toilet seats should be left down, and stall doors open to allow for thorough treatment.

• Leave soap and paper dispensers in place.

• Leave any shared products such as air fresheners or cleaning products in place.

• Remove or cover any toilet paper or feminine hygiene products.



• Electronics should be powered down and sensitive electrical equipment should be covered with plastic .

• Remove all dishes, glassware, and eating utensils, water bottles, etc. from direct treatment area.

• Remove any loose textiles, such as sweaters or jackets.

• Move chairs out from under desks or tables.

• Remove papers and files from surfaces in private offices and shared workspaces.

• Leave items such as picture frames, office supplies, etc. in place.

• Remove or protect all food products in direct treatment areas.

• Remove any trip hazards to allow clear access for our technicians.



• If an area is still wet upon entry, allow it to dry. Do not wipe surfaces dry.

• Objects may develop a slight film after treatment that can be polished away.

• All food contact surfaces must be rinsed with water before use.

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