U.S. Pest Service Plan

Quarterly Maintenance Plan


What pests your service plan covers:

The U.S. Pest Quarterly Maintenance pest control service offers protection general pest including ants, spiders, wasps, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, pantry pests, and general maintenance of preexisting or non existing pests.  This plan is designed to offer upkeep throughout the year and keep your home pest free for years to come after an infestation has been eradicated and there are no signs for a long period of time.


What’s The Difference Between the Quarterly Maintenance Plan and the other plans?

The main difference between our Quarterly Maintenance Pest Service and our Other Service Plans is when an infestation is present or there is infest activity in and around the home, the Quarterly Maintenance Plan will not be enough coverage or offer adequate treatment.  An infestation needs to be on our Monthly Pest Service Program to ensure control and high activity levels of insects should at a minimum be on our Every Other Month Program.


What our service focuses on:

The U.S. Pest Quarterly Maintenance Pest Service is an outside focused treatment, with a thorough interior inspection with a flashlight. We focus on preventive pest treatment as well as integrated pest management practices to ensure we are informing you of areas of weakness against our barriers.  


The Quarterly Maintenance Plan interior inspection will include the following:

The U.S. Pest Pro will diligently inspect behind appliances, in corners, under sinks and pipe chases, garages, attics, crawlspaces and in cracks and crevices to locate activity as well as check monitoring boards for activity.


The Quarterly Maintenance Plan exterior inspection will include the following:

The U.S. Pest Pro will observe and take note of potential entry points including cracks or general deterioration, landscaping hazards, weather conditions conducive to pests, activity around the base of your home, activity around eaves and overhangs, porch activity and trash containment areas.


The Quarterly Maintenance Plan interior treatment will include the following:  

In the event activity is found inside the home, the Pest Pro will determine what treatment is necessary to alleviate the pest.  U.S. Pest Professionals do not treat inside the home unless activity is found and warrants inside product application. Monitoring boards placed strategically around your home to monitor activity will be dated upon each inspection by your pest pro.  


Methods of treatment:

If your home is having a large amount of activity inside, the pest pro will determine the source and will exterminate the pests from the place of origin. The U.S. Pest Pro will sometimes apply product to the cracks and crevices inside your home.  These cracks are harborage areas for many insects and sometimes entry points into your home. Your treatment plan will include the application of baits when necessary placed in strategic locations to exterminate the target pest.


Why We Do a Thorough Inspection:

Sometimes a Pest Pro will find activity in the crawlspace due to moisture issues, insulation pests are nesting in, carcusses pests are feeding on, or even water leaks causing an influx of the pest population in your home.  It is our job to locate through a thorough inspection the source of the pest activity. Our goal is to apply only the amount necessary of product to exterminate and protect your home and family.


The Quarterly Maintenance Plan Exterior Treatment includes the following:

The U.S. Pest Pro will always identify entry points and potential threats for pest activity to determine their treatment. The Pest Pro will always knock down any existing spider webs from windows, doors, porches, garages and eaves and overhangs.  The Pest Pro will also always knock down mud daubers, wasps nests or insect nests on your home. In normal conditions, the Pest Pro will always utilize a liquid treatment with special formulations for the current or expected pest activity. The treatment methods will be more tailored to ensure 90 days between treatments, however spider webs may be observed between services because of the delay in attention.   


How Weather affects your U.S Pest Treatment:

In dryer weather, the Pest Pro will adjust their treatments to ensure proper saturation and coverage.  When it is raining or there is precipitation, we have products formulated to be activated by the rain. If the wind is a forceful wind, the application methods will also be adjusted to accommodate the weather pattern. In normal conditions, the Pest Pro will always utilize a liquid treatment with special formulations for the current or expected pest activity.  Twice a year, it is standard protocol for your treatment to include a preventive pest and ant treatment with a premium product called Termidor.

The focus of our pest protection and prevention ongoing treatment is to create a barrier around your home.  U.S. Pest Pro’s focus on the outside so that pests don’t come inside.


What happens if your not home:

Our Quarterly Maintenance customers are encouraged to allow access to the home during their visits.  This inside access will allow us to properly monitor, however we have lots of customers who have been with us for years and our outside service is successful in keeping pest populations down. In the event you are not home during your scheduled visit with U.S. Pest, don’t worry because we take every precaution necessary to prevent insect activity from invading.  As part of your U.S. Pest Service, we are always available to come out in between scheduled visits if the need arises. You will always receive an email notifying you of our service as well as the details of our findings and treatment. Your Pest Pro will either call you or text you depending on your preference to follow up after their treatment as well.


What happens if you have activity after we service?

Our effort on every service is to apply products and perform inspections and services to prevent activity, but in the event you have activity you can always call us and we will respond immediately.  The U.S. Pest response time on coming back out to your home is usually the same day but definitely within 24 hours.


The Initial Intensive Treatment Includes the Following:

Your initial intensive treatment will be a thorough process of inspection and treatment methods prescribed for your home. Every home is different, but we have standard operations that will be done at every initial treatment.  The initial intensive treatment for all of our pest services will always include the following:

  1. Thorough inspection inside your home to detect insect activity
  2. Thorough outside inspection of your home to detect potential threats and entry points
  3. Monitoring boards will be placed in strategic places throughout your home with the date in order for us to check activity in the future
  4. A thorough crack and crevice treatment with a dust or powder product to protect against vulnerable entry points
  5. A thorough exterior spider mopping and removal of insect nests around your home
  6. An extensive removal of spider webs on the windows, eaves, porches, doors and garages
  7. A thorough liquid barrier applied to protect against future invasions
  8. Any specific treatment for infestations or specific insect species will vary depending on the type of insect and where it is found.
  9. A report to you regarding the service findings and areas of concern that your pest pro discovered and will be attending to in future visits.
  10. Your Pest Pro will also give you their cell phone number so that if you need him/her you can contact them directly, as well as the office staff and management team for your services.



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