U.S. Pest Service Plan

Monthly Premium Nashville Pest Control


What pests your service plan covers:

The U.S. Pest monthly premium pest control offers protection from mice, ants, roaches, silverfish, water-bugs, spiders, wasps, fleas, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, pantry pests, brown recluse (if active upon initial treatment), yellow jackets, hornets, ladybugs, stink bugs and occasional invaders. In Tennessee and surrounding areas, Nashville DBA, the pest control service is necessary to protect your home and family.


What our service focuses on:

The U.S. Pest Monthly Premium Pest Service is an outside focused treatment, with a thorough interior inspection with a flashlight. We focus on preventive pest treatment as well as integrated pest management practices to ensure we are informing you of areas of weakness against our barriers.  Tennessee has fluctuating insect activity and different areas of Nashville need different pest control services.


The Monthly interior inspection will include the following:

The U.S. Pest Pro will diligently inspect behind appliances, in corners, under sinks and pipe chases, garages, attics, crawlspaces and in cracks and crevices to locate activity as well as check monitoring boards for activity.  


The Monthly exterior inspection will include the following:

The U.S. Pest Pro will observe and take note of potential entry points including cracks or general deterioration, landscaping hazards, weather conditions conducive to pests, activity around the base of your home, activity around eaves and overhangs, porch activity and trash containment areas. Entry points for fire ants are worrisome in Franklin, TN while Spiders are a concern in Hendersonville, TN. 


The Monthly interior treatment will include the following:  

In the event activity is found inside the home, the Pest Pro will determine what treatment is necessary to alleviate the pest.  U.S. Pest Professionals do not treat inside the home unless activity is found and warrants inside product application. Monitoring boards placed strategically around your home to monitor activity will be dated upon each inspection by your pest pro.  


Methods of treatment:

If your home is having a large amount of activity inside, the pest pro will determine the source and will exterminate the pests from the place of origin. The U.S. Pest Pro will sometimes apply product to the cracks and crevices inside your home.  These cracks are harborage areas for many insects and sometimes entry points into your home. Your treatment plan will include the application of baits when necessary placed in strategic locations to exterminate the target pest.


Why We Do a Thorough Inspection:

Sometimes a Pest Pro will find activity in the crawlspace due to moisture issues, insulation pests are nesting in, carcass pests are feeding on, or even water leaks causing an influx of the pest population in your home.  It is our job to locate through a thorough inspection the source of the pest activity. Our goal is to apply only the amount necessary of product to exterminate and protect your home and family.


The Monthly Exterior Treatment includes the following:

The U.S. Pest Pro will always identify entry points and potential threats for pest activity to determine their treatment. The Pest Pro will always knock down any existing spider webs from windows, doors, porches, garages and eaves and overhangs.  The Pest Pro will also always knock down mud daubers, wasps nests or insect nests on your home. In normal conditions, the Pest Pro will always utilize a liquid treatment with special formulations for the current or expected pest activity.  The Nashville pest control experience will focus on maintaining the proper treatments for mice as well as ants.  The Hendersonville pest control experience will help maintain the barrier from mosquitos and spiders


How Weather affects your U.S Pest Treatment:

In dryer weather, the Pest Pro will adjust their treatments to ensure proper saturation and coverage.  When it is raining or there is precipitation, we have products formulated to be activated by the rain. If the wind is a forceful wind, the application methods will also be adjusted to accommodate the weather pattern. In normal conditions, the Pest Pro will always utilize a liquid treatment with special formulations for the current or expected pest activity.  Twice a year, it is standard protocol for your treatment to include a preventive pest and ant treatment with a premium product called Termidor.

The focus of our pest protection and prevention ongoing treatment is to create a barrier around your home.  U.S. Pest Pro’s focus on the outside so that pests don’t come inside.


What happens if your not home:

In the event you are not home during your scheduled visit with U.S. Pest, don’t worry because we take every precaution necessary to prevent insect activity from invading.  As part of your U.S. Pest Service, we are always available to come out in between scheduled visits if the need arises. You will always receive an email notifying you of our service as well as the details of our findings and treatment.  Your Pest Pro will either call you or text you depending on your preference to follow up after their treatment as well.


What happens if you have activity after we service?

Our effort on every service is to apply products and perform inspections and services to prevent activity, but in the event you have activity you can always call us and we will respond immediately.  The U.S. Pest response time on coming back out to your home is usually the same day but definitely within 24 hours.


Premium Monthly Guarantee:

The U.S. Pest guarantee for our monthly customers who have an active infestation is unmatched in the industry.  If you have an infestation and U.S. Pest is unable to control or exterminate the infestation for a period of a minimum of 3 services, we will refund your last service payment as well as perform corrective service at no charge until the insect population is under control. In addition to services, if U.S. Pest does not succeed we will pay for a competitor of your choice to come out and service your home initially.



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