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Mt. Juliet, TN Pest Control & Termite Protection 

Mt. Juliet, TN is a suburb of Nashville, TN approximately 17 miles east of downtown.

Mount Juliet is nicknamed “The City Between The Lakes” because of it’s proximity to Old Hickory Lake (Cumberland River) and Percy Priest Lake (Stones River), both of which are man-made reservoirs.

Affordable and thriving with it’s newly made infrastructure, Mt. Juliet has seen a rapid increase with residential and business growth over the last decade. In fact, Mt. Juliet is bordered by I-40, I-24, I-65 and I-840, and a day’s drive to more than half of the American population making it an ideal location to live. All Middle Tennessee roads lead through Mt. Juliet and surprisingly, it’s the only U.S. city with this name!


Mt. Juliet’s Growing Suburban Lifestyle

Serving as a stop on the Music City Star commuter rail service from Nashville to Lebanon and additionally has stations in downtown Nashville, Donelson, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Martha (HY. 109), and Lebanon. The Music City Star also runs trains for Tennessee Titans games, New Year’s Eve at Bicentennial ParkWilson County Fair, and other events taking place in downtown Nashville, TN. Furthermore, a Friday night train has been added to give Mt. Juliet residents the option of taking the train to enjoy the nightlife.


Mt. Juliet’s Growing Population

In addition, Mt. Juliet is also a short commute to many first-class universities like MTSU, TSU, VanderbiltBelmont, Fisk, Cumberland and Lipscomb Universities. Even though Mt. Juliet, TN has an abundance of amenities to offer its residents, like most communities, Mt. Juliet attracts a diverse pest population. From preventing termite damage to eliminating a mouse infestation, at U.S. Pest we will do whatever it takes to keep your home or business pest-free. Our treatments will keep mice, spiders, termites, bed bugs, ants and roaches from invading your space.

Relax at your home in Mt. Juliet, TN, or work at your business, without worry of pests, termites, or other pests and bugs. Have your home or business protected. Contact U.S. Pest Protection today.


#1 Pest Control Company in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Protect your home monthly from termites, mosquitoes, and pests with U.S. Pest Protection residential services. First of all, U.S. Pest Protection offers the best in residential and commercial pest control services in Tennessee. U.S. Pest is rated the #1 pest control company in Nashville. Do you need a great pest control company? Call us today and talk to a U.S. Pest Professional.


Pest Control in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

U.S. Pest Monthly Premium Pest Control service offers protection from ants, bed-bugs, beetles, black widows & brown recluse (if active upon initial treatment), centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, lady bugsmosquitoes, rodents (mice & rats), silverfish, spiders (cellar, wolf, & house spiders ), stinging insects (bees, hornets, wasps, & yellow jackets), stink bugs, termites, ticks, and more. Need pest control? Contact us today.


Mosquito Control in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Our monthly Mosquito Treatments control your environment while protecting your family. Nobody likes pesky mosquitoes while trying to enjoy the nice outdoor weather with family or friends. Ask about our monthly mosquito control treatments. Contact us today.


Termite Protection in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

U.S. Pest Termite Protection treatments guarantee your home protection against termites (dampwood, drywood, subterranean, & more), insuring a peace of mind for homeowners. We also offer protection against different types of wood destroying insects, such as old house borers & carpenter bees. Furthermore, out termite guarantee offers protection that most insurance companies in Tennessee don’t. As a result, get an inspection of your crawlspace. Contact us today and talk to a U.S. Pest Professional.


Bed Bug Treatments in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Bed Bug Treatments from U.S. Pest Protection have been proven to eradicate these resilient pests time and time again in Tennessee. Due to their resilient behavior, these bugs are very hard to get rid of without a professional pest control service. Consequently, bed bugs can quickly turn into infestations. Most importantly, it’s urgent to have a pest pro inspect such an issue. Above all, contact someone that can do the job and do the job right. Call U.S. Pest Protection and schedule an appointment today.


Fungi & Moisture Control in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Finally, we also offer wood fungus treatments and moisture prevention services to prevent wood destroying fungi, such as white rot & brown rot, as well as excessive moisture build-up under your home. Furthermore, these services help keep the air in your home clean and clear from allergens that could potentially harm your family's health. As a result, ask about a U.S. Pest moisture control or ventilation system today. You may qualify for a no-cost, complimentary inspection.


Residential Services

Whether it's termites, fleas, ticks, spiders, bed bugs, or any other pests, U.S. Pest will protect what matters most.

  1. Pest Protection
  2. Termite Protection
  3. Moisture Control
  4. Wood/Fungus Treatment
  5. Ventilation Systems


Commercial Services

Whether your business is in a commercial office space or a large warehouse, U.S. Pest offers preventive & treatment services to suit your needs.

  1. Warehouses & Factories
  2. Commercial Retail
  3. Commercial Office Space
  4. Kitchens & Restaurants








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