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Controlling Cockroaches

Cockroaches could be a serious threat to your health. These highly resilient pests are known to carry disease and germs that can cause severe food poisoning in a human being. One of the reasons is because cockroaches carry a lot of dirt which can be easily transferred to our food which they can walk or chew on when a homeowner is asleep.

Two Household Approaches

Combating cockroaches may not be an easy feat by any means. In addition to calling U.S. Pest, a professional pest control service, you will probably need to assist in the process with some potent measures yourself. Ideally, you must adopt a two pronged approach comprised of prevention and fighting back. Fighting back or getting into combat mode ensures that the growing infestations can be effectively countered from time to time, whereas prevention thwarts the growth process in the first place.

Facts about Cockroaches

Well, coming to terms with a few facts about cockroaches will perhaps help in devising better plans for managing them. For instance, if you thought cockroaches were only present in dirty homes, you are wrong! They do make their presence felt in a big way in clean homes as well. However, the concentration may be slightly higher in dirty homes because of easy availability of food.

Similarly, the common perception that cockroaches primarily come out looking for food is incorrect. They primarily come out seeking water. Cockroaches can actually go without food for months and can survive in extreme climatic conditions. They are quite hardy. Therefore, countering them requires some serious effort and it may be out of your hands. Don’t worry. There are specially trained professionals at U.S. Pest that you can call.

Terrific Cockroach Prevention Measures

Common prevention measures include:

  • Clean Well: Keeping your surfaces clean and ridding them of leftover food, grease and other organic waste is the best way to keep cockroaches at bay. These are all potent food sources and if you do not provide them with these, they will be compelled to go food hunting elsewhere. They will simply not even bother to come inside your home. Make sure you clean or wipe up any standing water in your home. Since they mainly come out to look for water, if you make this resource harder for them to find, they will not feel that welcome in your home!

  • Store Food Properly: Storing food in airtight jars or stacking them away in the refrigerator is another suitable method.

  • Maintain a Dry Environment: Cockroaches always need water to survive. So make sure you fix any leaking water issues and remove the excess water from the sink to make life and survival more difficult for them.

  • Weather Strip Windows: Using weather stripping windows will ensure that you have sealed off any easy access to your home.

  • Vacuum Regularly: Using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis will ensure cleaner premises and another reason why cockroaches will have nothing to eat inside your home.

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