Pest Identification: Drywood Termites in Tennessee

If you consistently clean your home, mow your lawn, and keep your food storage sealed tightly, you may think you’re relatively safe from pests. Unfortunately, there’s one pest you can’t stop in Tennessee with diligent cleaning and good food storage practices: drywood termites. 

While other pests may invade in search of food and shelter, your living space or workplace is food and shelter for drywood termites. As pests that depend on the moisture and nutrients in wood to survive, termites can often feel like a destructive, unstoppable force once they’ve infested your property.

Before drywood termites cause expensive or dangerous damage to your Tennessee home or business, bring in U.S. Pest Protection’s reliable pest control experts. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly for residents and routine commercial treatments. 

Discover more about drywood termites below, or schedule a free inspection with U.S. Pest Protection today. 

What do drywood termites look like?

Worker drywood termites—which make up the majority of the colony—are roughly 12 millimeters long, with pale brown to tan colored bodies. They have large jaws, which they use to tunnel through and feed on wood.  

Soldier drywood ants have similar coloring but have significantly larger, dark brown heads. Swarmer termites, or alate termites, are easy to identify, too, as they have wings. These two larger termite forms only make up a small fraction of the colony, however, which makes determining the species difficult without the help of professionals.

Not sure what kind of termite you’re dealing with? Schedule a free inspection with U.S. Pest Protection and let our team accurately identify your infestation.

Where do drywood termites nest?

Unlike dampwood termites, which tend to stay close to moist wood near the ground, drywood termites can infest wood anywhere in your home or business. Some of the wooden areas they may infest include:

  • Attics
  • Walls
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Supporting beams
  • Furniture
  • Siding

If you suspect drywood termites have made their way into your space, stop an infestation before it begins and schedule a free U.S. Pest Protection inspection.

Give Drywood Termites the Ax with U.S. Pest Protection

Drywood termites may not sting or contaminate your food storage, but they can become a seriously dangerous pest for your Tennessee living space or business. Without the intervention of pest professionals, they can damage the appearance and structural integrity of buildings before you even realize they’ve invaded.

Give your home or business the protection it deserves from drywood termites and other Tennessee pests—choose U.S. Pest Protection’s effective, targeted treatment. If drywood termites do return after our treatments, we’ll provide additional services, free of charge.

Take the first step toward becoming termite-free in Tennessee, and schedule your free U.S. Pest Protection inspection today.

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