Pest Solutions for Mold in Tennessee

If mold has invaded your home, it’s critical to stop it in its tracks before it causes serious health issues to you or your family, such as allergic reactions, asthma, and lung inflammation. Use these helpful mold solutions from U.S. Pest Protection to safeguard your home. 

Clean Your Home with Mold-Killing Products

Maintaining a clean living environment is a crucial step in stopping or preventing the growth of mold. Chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, distilled white vinegar, and a mix of baking soda and borax with water can all work to kill mold. However, some of these products contain extremely harsh or staining chemicals. Remember to wear protective gear when you use these solutions to clean your home of mold.

Consistently Clean Appliances that Use Water

Since mold forms in moist areas, be sure to clean out the following appliances frequently:

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Coffee maker

Clean your washing machine with a cycle of hot water and chlorine bleach once a month. Remember to run the washing machine without any clothes in it, as chlorine bleach will stain them. To protect your clothes from being bleached completely, consider running another water cycle after the bleach cycle. Once the cycle finishes, inspect your washer’s door seal and other tight spots that mold may hide.

Avoid using bleach on appliances that involve food, as it can be fatal to people if ingested. Instead, wipe down your fridge, coffee maker, and other appliances that use water with a distilled white vinegar solution. This will keep mold from growing, and leave your kitchen feeling fresh and clean without harsh chemicals.

Scrub Your Bathroom Tiles and Grout

Bathrooms are notorious mold hotspots due to their constant warmth and humidity. If you’ve noticed mold on your bathroom’s tiles or in the grout, scrub it off with a mixture of one cup of bleach per gallon of water. 

Apply your water-bleach mixture to the fungi-infected area, then scrub and rinse it off after it has set for 15 minutes. If you have colored tiles, it’s best to immediately scrub the mold, as leaving the water-bleach solution on colored tiles may stain them.

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