Prevention Tips for Stink Bugs in Tennessee

If you see a stink bug in your home, you might wonder how something so large could get through closed doors and windows. Like many other nuisance pests in Tennessee, this insect can sneak and squeeze through crevices you didn’t even know existed—making pest prevention all the more necessary. Particularly as temperatures begin to fall and you might consider winter-proofing your home, also consider pest-proofing to seal stink bugs out. Learn more about methods for preventing stink bugs inside and around the house.

Close off Potential Entry Points

Fill, seal, repair, and weather-proof any areas (inside and outside) where stink bugs may enter your home, such as doors, windows, baseboards, and ducts. Inspect the outside of the structure for easy points of access, including overhangs, pipes, siding, chimneys, and more. Then seal off any holes and cracks with a silicone caulk. Don’t forget to assess landscaping hazards, too, such as shrubbery, branches, or firewood alongside the building that you might need to keep better trimmed or away from the house.

Keep Lights Off When Possible

Stink bugs don’t shy away from light and are actually drawn to it, so minimize your outdoor lighting to only when it’s needed. Switch off any porch lights before bed, and keep your blinds closed when it gets dark.

Eliminate Moisture Sites, and Promote Ventilation

Allowing moisture to build up anywhere in your home attracts stink bugs, along with just about any other pest. Check for leaks, clogged drains, or any other sites of standing water that can be eliminated. Also, proper ventilation throughout your space—from basements to crawl spaces to bathrooms—can prevent stink bugs.

Prevent Stink Bugs at Home with Tennessee Pest Control

Although you can put in work to help ensure stink bugs don’t enter your home, these insects can be hard to stop if they’ve already started infesting. You certainly don’t have to do it alone; the pest control professionals at U.S. Pest Protection take the most proactive approach to stink bug control in Tennessee so you can benefit from the most effective solutions in the industry. Contact us or schedule your free inspection today!






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