Pest Solutions for Stink Bugs in Tennessee

In a literal sense, it stinks to discover stink bugs have invaded your home. When DIY pest control attempts just won’t cut it anymore, call on U.S. Pest Protection to administer reliable residential pest control, with several available plan options for you. If you don’t see results, we will retreat your property for free; it’s our guarantee.

How We Inspect and Treat for Stink Bugs

Although stink bugs tend to be a seasonal, warm-weather pest, they’re often found hibernating within walls and other creepy crevices of your house—making them a bit of an unpredictable pest. That’s why U.S. Pest focuses on preventative pest treatment in addition to integrated pest management (IPM) practices to ensure we’re always taking the most holistic approach to your stink bug infestation.

The first piece of our comprehensive approach is a thorough inspection. When we inspect the interior of your home for stink bugs, our pest technicians diligently search in corners, garages, attics, and crawl spaces, as well as behind appliances and under sinks and pipes. This is so we can check for and monitor any pest activity. When inspecting the exterior of the building, we make note of any potential entry points like cracks and deterioration. We also look for other conducive conditions for these insects around the premises, such as near your porch, landscaping, trash areas, and more.

When it comes to pest treatment for stink bugs, our goal is to do only what’s necessary to keep your family and pets protected. That means avoiding treating inside the home unless we discover activity that warrants an interior product application. Instead, much of our pest control for stink bugs will prioritize the exterior of your home due to the nature of this pest. With each visit, we’ll assess the ease of entry points and any conditions that might be attracting insects inside to bug you.

Call the Pros to Protect Your Home from Stink Bugs

Your home is your domain, and it’s our job to help ensure that domain is pest-free so you feel comfortable. If you suspect you have a stink bug problem or full-blown infestation in Tennessee, we’ll address the problem as soon as you give us the word. Schedule your free home inspection for stink bugs today to reclaim your peace of mind!






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