Prevention Tips for Bees in Tennessee

The sight of bees around your home shouldn’t be alarming, especially if you have landscaping that features flowering plants. If you’re concerned about bees buzzing around your home due to allergies, though, you may want to take some precautions to keep bees from taking up residence too close to home.

Evaluate Flower Placement and Exposed Outdoor Wood

Consider placing flowering plants and other landscaping features away from “high-traffic” areas, such as doorways, decks, and patios. To avoid wood damage from carpenter bees, regularly check areas such as decks, wooden stairs, and other structures around your home for wood damage. Regular pest inspections can help identify issues before they become expensive repairs, too.

Respect Bees’ Space

While outside, be aware of your surroundings and watch out for bees while playing. If you see a bee, do not try to swat at it or kill it on your own. Instead, give it a wide berth and keep an eye out for other members of the colony. If you do notice a bee nest or hive around your home, call a licensed, expert bee removal professional at U.S. Pest Protection to help take care of the problem. Don’t spray pesticides or chemicals.

What Not to Wear

To keep bees from stinging you while outside, there are some things you can do. Looking and smelling like a flower are a great way to attract a bee’s attention. Avoid wearing perfumes or colognes, and don’t wear brightly colored clothing. Floral prints are an obvious attraction for bees. Avoiding loose-fitting clothing can help, too. Try to wear shoes when going outside, as stepping on a bee may cause it to sting you in self-defense.

Contact U.S. Pest Protection with Bee-Related Questions

Keeping your home free of bee swarms is fairly easy. Bees are usually happy to be left alone, but if you’re concerned about an issue, we can help. Contact the bee-friendly pest control company, U.S. Pest Protection, today with your bee and other stinging insect questions.






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