Pest Solutions for Hornets in Tennessee

A singular hornet around your home or business is not an unusual sight, especially during the summer months in Tennessee. Because hornets are carnivorous, it’s common for them to follow their prey into or around buildings. For these singular hornets, use a flyswatter or vacuum cleaner (with the extension attached) to remove it.

Removing a nest on your own is a bad idea. Not only are they found in hard-to-reach areas, but hornets are notoriously aggressive in defending their nest. To avoid a swarm of angry hornets, contact the pest control experts at U.S. Pest.

How U.S. Pest Protection Removes Hornets

If you continually see hornets around your property, chances are a nest is nearby. U.S. Pest technicians will explore your property to find any nearby hornet nest. Once the hornet’s nest is found, our technicians will continue with our two-part hornet removal process.

First, after donning protective gear to prevent themselves from hornet stings, our technicians will apply chemical treatments to the nest. Depending on the location of the nest, this could include aerosols or liquids. This treatment is done to eliminate the hornets inside the nest and reduce the potential for an angry hornet swarm.

Second, once hornets within the nest are dealt with, our technicians will remove the nest from your property and properly dispose of it. This will prevent other hornets or wasps from occupying the nest again on your property, which can happen if you do not also remove empty hornet nests.

Contact U.S. Pest Protection for Hornet Solutions

Since a single hornet can sting repeatedly in defense of themselves or their nest, encountering one can be painful and, depending on if you have an allergic reaction, potentially dangerous or deadly. That makes finding an entire hornet nest on the premises of your home or business a particularly frightening and potentially problematic experience.

Thankfully, U.S. Pest is experienced with hornet removal. Our technicians are armed with the knowledge, protection, and tools necessary to get rid of a hornet infestation or a hornet nest, whether it’s in a nearby tree, in a crawl space, in your attic, or elsewhere. When it’s dangerous to solve your hornet problem on your own, the solution is clear. Contact your local Tennessee pest professionals at U.S. Pest, and schedule your free inspection today.






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