House spiders are the most common indoor spider, with their webs causing more of a nuisance than their actual bite. They usually find it hard to survive indoors because of the low humidity and lack of insects, so you will more commonly see them in the garage, around outdoor windows, and in your shed.

What Do They Look Like?

  • ⅛ – 5/16 in. long.
  • Yellowish brown body, with several dark stripes meeting at an angle.

Where Do They Live?

  • Found worldwide.
  • Live in homes, garages, and barns.

What About Their Bite?

  • Relatively insignificant bite, usually requiring no medical attention.

How Do I Deal With House Spiders?

To prevent house spiders from invading your home, you should regularly clean your house and seal up all entrances.

Already found house spiders lurking around?

Place glue traps around the areas where you have spotted them or use a pesticide to wipe them out. If you need help with a spider problem. Contact U.S. Pest today!