cellar spider - US Pest Protection Nashville TN

Cellar spiders likes to hide out where you can’t see it – like in your cellar or basement!  Sometimes called “daddy-long-legs,” the cellar spider has a very tiny body and very long, spindly legs.  There is an urban legend that they are the “most deadly of all spiders,” but it’s not true!  Cellar spiders have weak mouths and can’t even inject their venom into people – whew!

Cellar spiders are pretty slow moving.  They typically stay in one place and don’t bother people.  They build messy webs in their little corners of the world; there these spiders catch and eat moths, flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other small insects.

An interesting fact about cellar spiders – when food is scarce, this spider will leave her own web and find a web of another spider.  She’ll tap on the other spider’s web, pretending she’s a trapped insect.  When that web’s owner shows up for dinner, the cellar spider turns the tables on her and eats her!  Tricky!

What do they look like?

Cellar spiders are very noticeable with their super long, skinny legs and tiny body (¼ inch or less).  They’re either pale yellow, tan or gray colored.

What about their bite?

Cellar spiders don’t bite people.

Where do they like to live?

Cellar spiders prefer corners of basements, pantries, closets, attics, barns, and sheds – somewhere quiet where they won’t be disturbed (except by their tasty prey!).