Pest Identification: Lady Bugs in Tennessee

While they’re typically considered beneficial garden residents, ladybugs can become a nuisance in Tennessee homes and businesses. During the cooler months of the year, these polka-dotted beetles turn into frustrating, unwelcome houseguests by crawling into buildings in search of warmth.

Additionally, the Asian lady beetle, a close relative of the lady bug, can inflict bites if they wander into places they don’t belong. While their bites can’t transmit diseases, they’re still considered quite painful and may trigger allergic reactions. 

Keep lady bugs and Asian lady beetles outdoors where they belong with U.S. Pest Protection. We have the effective control and prevention solutions you need to preserve your peace of mind without seriously harming helpful aphid-eating ladybugs. 

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Common Characteristics of Lady Bugs

There are nearly 500 variations of lady bugs found in North America, but there are still some key traits that many of them share. Lady bugs are typically round or oval-shaped, with hard, shiny wing covers that are dotted with dark markings. The color of lady bugs’ wing covers ranges from red to orange, yellow, brown, or black.

Lady bugs primarily crawl along on their six legs but are capable of flying short distances. They feed on smaller pests, such as plant-damaging aphids, which makes them a fan favorite among farmers and gardeners throughout Tennessee.

Lady Bugs vs. Asian Lady Beetles

Beneficial lady bugs and harmful Asian lady beetles share many similarities, such as their coloring, markings, and body shapes. The easiest way to tell the difference between these species is to examine their heads. Unlike lady bugs, Asian lady beetles’ heads have a distinctive white “M” shape.

Still not sure what kind of ladylike beetle has wandered into your space? Contact U.S. Pest Protection’s experts for assistance.

Where to Find Lady Bugs

When they’ve abandoned their natural garden habitats for the warmth of your home or business, you’ll find lady bugs crawling along baseboards and window sills. Other common spots to find them include:

  • Doorways
  • Inside houseplant pots
  • Garages 
  • Basements

Keep Your Tennessee Property Lady Bug-Free with U.S. Pest

Don’t let lady bugs or Asian lady beetles become unwanted invaders in your Tennessee property—trust U.S. Pest Protection to stop them in their tracks. We offer reliable residential and commercial pest control services to give you peace of mind. Plus, can tailor our efforts to fit your needs with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service packages.

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