Flies are one of the most common flying insects in the world. They are also one of the most common flying pests found in Tennessee. While flies are normally found anywhere that you normally don’t want them, such as on your food or in your home around the kitchen, this is because flies constantly salivate and use their saliva to liquefy solid foods due to not being able to ingest liquids.

The average house fly measures around a quarter of an inch in diameter. Another common fly found in Tennessee is the Horse Fly. Horse flies, on the other hand, are significantly much larger than the common house fly, ranging to an average size of up to an inch in size.

The average fly is able to spread over 65 different types of diseases to humans. Flies are attracted to food, garbage, animal carcass, feces, dirty water. When flies land and feed on things such as these, they defecate and this is how they transmit bacteria and disease.

U.S. Pest Protection has proven and successful fly control treatments with monthly pest control services, which are also bee friendly to our pollinators. U.S. Pest offers year round pest prevention and control.

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