Eastern subterranean termites are the most common termite in Tennessee.  There are thousands in each colony and up to 15 colonies per acre.  They are blind and can’t smell anything and their sole purpose is to return dead wood back to the soil.  Their damage can go unnoticed for years.  If you have a preventative and effecte liquid termite treatment before trouble begins.

How do you prevent your home from getting Termites?

We believe the best prevention is the best option. If you are serious about protecting your home or structure from termties, then you want to put down a liquid barrier.  Depending on the depth to footer on your home, will depend on the product amount applied.  There are some key variables that will make your termite treatment effective.  U.S. Pest does thousands of preventative termite treatments every year in Tennessee.  We’re happy to come out and do a free inspection and talk about your options.

How do you know if you have termites in your home?

Sagging floors are a sign of termite activity, bubbling wall paint, cracked tile in your kitchen or bathroom and of course if your wood is crumbling when you touch it.  If you see a flying insect that is swarming up and out of the ground around your home, that’s a good indicator you have some activity that needs to be addressed.

Not sure if what you have is a termite or not?

U.S. Pest offers a FREE inspection to educate you and find out whether you have a termite infestation or potential risk for creating one. If a problem is discovered, we will determine the best solution to resolve the problem and go over those solutions with you!