Camel Crickets

These crickets have VERY long legs and appear humpbacked with a brownish-red color. They are not afraid of the dark and usually are most active when there is no light — they naturally have a very good sense of touch and vibration.

Although these bugs don’t necessarily flock toward your home, they can oftentimes be found in basements and other dark areas of your house. They will typically reside in areas with more moisture, so it can be helpful to air out very moist parts of your house every now and again. Although these critters don’t bite or sting, their long legs can seriously grab your attention!



  • Approximately 2″/5 cm long in body, legs are 4″/10 cm long, wingless
  • Brownish in color and humpbacked in appearance


  • Found outside under stones, caves and animal burrows
  • Found in garages and can easily hop their way into living rooms, etc.
  • They may look creepy because of their towering legs, but they do not pose any hazard

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