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Originally from Africa, the German Cockroach live in restaurants, hotels, and homes around the world. You can recognize these small bugs by their tan to brown color – sometimes they may appear almost black. German cockroaches have two dark streaks running from their head to their abdomen. Though these cockroaches have wings, they cannot sustain flight.

German cockroaches reproduce faster than any other residential cockroach, with their babies maturing into adults within 123 days. They are difficult to get rid of because of their small bodies, fast reproductive cycle, and their lack of natural predators.

What Do German Cockroaches Look Like?

  • These small cockroaches grow between .51 in. to .63 in.
  • Have tan to brown to almost black colored bodies.

Where Do German Cockroaches Live?

  • Commonly found in restaurants, hotels, and nursing homes.
  • Prove to be expert hiders.

How Do I Deal With German Cockroaches?

You will likely find German Cockroaches hiding out inside of your kitchen cabinets – eating away at all your food. These gross looking pests can be challenging to remove from your home, so it’s best to call a pest control specialist who can help you completely get rid of them.