Austrailian Cockroaches


Despite its name, the Australian Cockroach is seen in the United States a lot. Similar to the American Cockroach, this pest is FAST and can fly, making these critters very hard to catch. Usually at 1 ½ inches long, this cockroach likes the warmer weather and cannot survive extended periods of time in colder weather.

This pest also tends to eat more plant matter than many other cockroaches. It will also eat trash left unattended and pet food that’s left outside. Keep all these things sealed up, and you will have a better chance of avoiding these gross critters.



  • 1 ¼ inches – 1 ½ inches long as an adult, yellow streaks on sides of the wing, yellow margins on thorax
  • Reddish-brown to dark brown


  • Large numbers outdoors, in greenhouse areas with artificial heat sources
  • May be found in homes where it eats clothing and book covers

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