How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have a reputation of being extremely difficult to get rid of once an infestation occurs, but with the right treatment you will be back to relaxing in your home or business.  Even if you could eliminate the food source, humans or you, you would have to wait well over 12 months before reentering your home.

A female Bed Bug can live up to 12 months without feeding but with proper inspections and treatment, an infestation can be under control in as little as 1 treatment.  If you can positively identify that you do in fact have bed bugs by identifying the insect or the symptoms your extermination of Bed Bugs will be easier.

The symptoms of Bed Bugs are stained sheets with small droplets of blood or a rash on the human host. 

Bed Bugs can detect their human host in as much as 5 feet from their hiding place. Anywhere Bed Bug activity is noted must be treated around the entire area and adjacent areas in order to ensure maximum control.

Some of the hiding places from their normal human host can be as far as 20 feet making it extremely important to treat adjacent rooms in homes, hospitals and hotels. In extremely heavy infestations Bed Bugs can be found behind picture frames and electric compartments of refrigerators. 

In light infestations, Bed Bugs are scattered and extremely hard to find without a U.S. Pest Professional. Our Bed Bug treatment program offers unlimited follow up visits and monthly inspections forever to ensure your protection.  







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