Ventilation Systems

moldy crawlspace 2 encapsulation ventilation systems - US Pest Protection Nashville TNMaintaining Healthy Air Quality in Middle Tennessee

Wood rot, mold, mildew, and insect infestations cost homeowners millions of dollars every year in structural repairs and often have serious health consequences. Controlling the humidity and moisture levels in your foundation spaces, basements, or crawlspaces is an incredibly effective way to prevent pest infestations, eliminate mold and fungi, and improve air quality.

The best way to control mold, insect infestations, and to ensure the structural integrity of your home is to take control your moisture levels. U.S. Pest offers a range of ventilation systems to help manage the humidity and promote a healthy living environment.

Installing Crawlspace Vents

Excessive moisture is certainly an issue for many homeowners in Middle Tennessee. The solution? Foundation vents. Crawlspace vents create a positive airflow throughout your basement or foundation areas and prevent the growth of damaging organisms like mold or fungi. Vents can prevent wood rot from developing.

Vented crawl spaces have been successfully used for moisture control for nearly decades. The air quality experts at U.S. Pest install reliable, powered ventilation vents on one side of your home’s foundation and non-powered vents on the other, creating a healthy flow of air through your crawlspace. Ensuring proper circulation in your basement will help keep it dry, preventing pests from setting up camp in your home while keeping pathogens out of your air.

U.S. Pest has been successfully using foundation vents for years to help our clients control moisture underneath their homes.

Protect your home from the bottom up

Worried about insects or fungus?

Other Wood Maintenance Services

Moisture Barrier

We offer a “moisture shield” service to protect your crawlspace from harmful mold and decay by reducing the amount of moisture entering the space. Moisture shields also create a base layer of defense against pests by eliminating their water supply.

Termite Treatment

Termites are another threat to your home’s foundation and cause more damage to homes every year than house fires. We offer a free inspection to check your home for termites and can provide Termidor treatments to kill termites effectively.


Half the air in your home rises up from your crawl space. This means that it’s critical to ensure these drafts aren’t a fountain of mold and mildew. We perform thorough encapsulation services to ensure the internal integrity of your crawl space.

Fungus Treatment

Wood decay destroys more homes than fires and termites combined, in addition to causing health problems. We provide a complimentary assessment to check your home for wood-decay issues and wood-decay fungi, and can treat the wood with Moldcare/Boracare to preserve it.