Lawn Care

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Lawn Pest Control & Lawn Care Services

Our convenient lawn care pest control and lawn care services keep your yard looking great while keeping the bugs at bay. It’s a win-win proposition.

At U.S. Pest, we appreciate the importance of taking a big-picture approach to pest control. Understanding how infestations occur and that preventing them is key to any effective pest management strategy. Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood with lawn services from U.S. Pest. Mowing is still your turf, so go ahead, takeall the credit!

Yard Pest Control Services

Lawn Pest Control

U.S. Pest’s safe and effective mosquito, flea, tick, and chigger treatments prevent pesky, disease-carrying insects from taking over your lawn, so you can enjoy more fun in the sun.

Weed Control, Aeration, & Fertilization

In addition to keeping your yard free from biting insects, we also offer grass seeding, aeration, fertilization, preventative weed control, and spot treatments for active weeds.

Mole Control

Unsightly lumps and bumps caused by moles and voles have no place in a yard professionally maintained by U.S. Pest! Give these unpleasant creatures the boot and get back to bocce.

Prevent lawn problems from taking root.