Encapsulation Services

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Shield Your Home From Moisture, Mold, & Pests

Did you know that the average crawl space absorbs nearly 20 gallons of water vapor every day! Excessive moisture can cause structural damage and can provide the perfect environment for mold, wood rot, and insect infestations. And that’s why we offer encapsulation services.

Encapsulation Services from U.S. Pest

When a U.S. Pest Professional comes to your home to perform an encapsulation, they’ll completely clean your crawlspace of debris. Next, cracks, openings, and any remaining holes where air can enter your crawlspace will be sealed. Once the sealing process is complete, custom styrofoam covers are fitted over any vent openings.

At this point, the foundation walls, floor joists, and subfloor will be completely treated with an antifungal and termite control product. Finally, we install a 6 mil clear poly sheeting on the walls, around supports, and covering the ground. Once the poly has been taped and sealed at the joints, a dehumidifier is placed in the crawlspace for maximum moisture removal.

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Worried an insect infestation or fungi problem?

Other Wood Maintenance Services

Moisture Barrier

We offer a “moisture shield” service to protect your crawlspace from harmful mold and decay by reducing the amount of moisture entering the space. Moisture shields also create a base layer of defense against pests by eliminating their water supply.

Termite Treatment

Termites are another threat to your home’s foundation and cause more damage to homes every year than house fires. We offer a free inspection to check your home for termites and can provide Termidor treatments to kill termites effectively.

Ventilation Systems

We install powered foundation vents on one side of the house and non-powered vents on the other to create a steady flow of air through your crawl space. Ensuring your crawlspace stays dry protects your home against mold, rot, and insects.

Fungus Treatment

Wood decay destroys more homes than firesand termites combined, in addition to causing health problems. We provide a complimentary assessment to check your home for wood-decay issues and wood-decay fungi, and can treat the wood with Timbor to preserve it.