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What Steps Can You Take To Avoid Health Issues Related To Pests?

The IPM gives 4 steps to protecting your home or business from common pests that tend to hang around people and food. It’s important to make sure these 4 steps are practiced between the services you receive from U.S. Pest. This ensures that your family and customers avoid contact with harmful pests that can lead to a variety of health issues. Click here to read the 4 steps for Eliminating Pests Safely. (Source:

Pest Control Best Practice Guideline

Many homeowners and business owners can control pests and termites through a combination of preventive measures, including proper sanitation and good maintenance practices.

Learn ways to make sure you are protected between visits from U.S. Pest. Here are 10 Pest Control Tips & Best Practices for keeping insects and rodents out of your home and/or business.

  1. Make sure windows and doors have a proper seal
  2. Add screens to doors and windows
  3. Maintain your yard and regularly treat for bugs and rodents
  4. Repair cracks in bricks and wood structures
  5. Seal around pipe penetrations
  6. Cover large openings with plastic
  7. Don’t invite bugs to dinner by leaving food on counters in the home or break rooms at work
  8. Store trash properly and avoid skipping pick up times
  9. Keep foundations clear of trash and natural debris, like leaves and tree limbs
  10. Protect natural enemies by using environmentally friendly methods that do not harm beneficial species.

You deserve to have a healthy home or business that is free of bugs and rodents.

Health Concerns

It is vital to have a home or business that is free of bugs and rodents for the safety of your family and your employees in the workplace. U.S. Pest Protection will help you get rid of those unwanted guests by utilizing the most powerful methods available.

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