• Termites may fly around your house (called swarming). They look like large black ants with wings.
  • Termites often leave some evidence of their presence, even if you can’t see them. Look for small holes in wood, crumbling drywall, and sagging doors or floors.
  • You may find insect wings that termites shed when they swarm.
  • You might see the shelter tubes termites build to serve as their passageways. They are the size of a large straw, and are made out of mud.
  • However, termites can eat away at your home for years without any obvious signs to you. An inspection by a U.S. Pest certified inspector will determine the presence of termites in the home. Our U.S. Pest Pros will be able to determine, in most cases, the severity of an infestation by the visual signs present including, discarded wings, shelter tubes or actual live termites. A visual inspection of accessible areas along with probing and/or sounding of obstructed areas to determine the presence or absence of termites will be conducted and communicated with you the homeowner.
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