You have our full attention at U.S. Pest Protection. We pride ourselves on giving you our full attention. It is our mission from the moment we answer your call to the minute we hang up that you are our main focus. It is also true from the moment we set foot on your property to after we leave.

We are here to serve

First of all, it is always an amazing day at U.S. Pest Protection because of being able to serve you! We are here to serve. We love to hear when you are excited and we hurt when something has gone awry. When a call comes into our offices you will always find a friendly smiling voice on the other end of the phone. It is our goal to see your needs are met from the start of the call all the way to the end and beyond. When we say you have our full attention we do not take that lightly.

In addition, we understand we are here to serve you and protect your two biggest investments your home and family. We feel that it is important to remember that we want these things for our own families. Here at U.S. Pest Protection you are an extension of our family. We are invested in you our customer.

Your needs are our main priority

Your needs are our responsibility in terms of pest control, termite protection, turf management & lawn care, mole care, mosquito, flea & tick services for your yard, and of course our underneath your home services that are designed to protect your air quality and keep your home safe.

As a result, when something is not right you are given priority attention by members of our staff. We do not take concerns lightly. We care to see it all the way through because we see you as family and your family is important to us.

You have our full attention

Furthermore, you have our full attention in follow up and follow through. We have found that it an imperative part of your experience that we do follow up. Communication is key. Human interaction is key. There are so many elements that go into having our full attention. We want to see this all the way through with you. Your concerns are our concerns and no pest control need is too small.


Therefore, what can you expect upon hearing you have our full attention? Just that, we are listening and hearing your needs. We will take action upon those needs and follow up.

Above all, your pest control needs are our number 1 priority. We do not see a situation at all where one need is bigger than another.

  •       At U.S. Pest, we listen and will hear what you have to say.
  •       We care and want to help you and protect your family and home.
  •       You will have follow up and follow through from your technician all the way through to the corporate offices.

Your Feedback Is Valued

Furthermore, we want your feedback, we want to know if something doesn’t seem to be working. The only way we can get better is if you have spoken and made us aware. As a U.S. Pest customer, we value your input.

Due to our customer service at U.S. Pest, we have been incredibly blessed by our customers who often give us the feedback necessary to set our goals higher. We strive to give you our full undivided attention all the time and don’t worry we will also ask you what we can do to make your day more excellent. Why? It’s simple we care about you. We are invested in you. Thank you for being a part of the U.S. Pest Protection family!

Finally, do you own a home and need a great pest control company? Contact us or ask us about a FREE inspection!

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