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Best customer service in the industry is guaranteed at U.S. Pest Protection. Excellent customer service is our number one goal at US Pest. This entails not just great communication skills, but also great service in the pest control industry.


Ccustomer-service-guaranteeustomer Service at its best

If we say we will be there, then that is what we will do. At US Pest, you can get in direct and easy contact with your technician or the office. No phone trees.

When your service is scheduled for a day and time then that is when we will be there. There is no, “we will be there between 8am & 4pm.. hope you are there when we show up”. We don’t function that way. Your time is important to us. As a result, we show that importance by being on time.


Professional Service

Extra services between stops. Between phone trees and time constraints, getting an extra service between regular services can be frustrating with a larger company.

Furthermore, if for any reason you need a service between regular services, we will do it. Things come up and when they do just call and we have you covered. It can be very comforting to know that we care.

Key points to successful service

  • Communication
  • Availability
  • Friendly and professional


Communication is key

Communication is a must. Whether you contact the office or your technician, you will always get a friendly, professional reply.

Friendly, professional and clear communication seems to becoming rarer and rarer these days. At US Pest we take pride in our communication. From top to bottom, no matter who you contact, we can help you with your issue.

Finally, do you own a home and need a great pest control company? As a result, Contact us or ask us about a FREE inspection!

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