The pest control industry has progressively opened up unique windows of opportunity to women wanting to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated trade. Knowing the importance of families and health, the pest management industry has proven to be an intriguing profession to career oriented women wanting to protect what matters most.


Pest Control Women Statistics

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the pest control industry will increase by 20 percent through 2022. That is faster than the average for all occupations. This foreshadowing is very attractive for women that want to advance in a career that is strong and stable.

From field technicians, to customer service representatives, leadership, and management positions, the professional pest management industry continues to flourish. The industry is known for being adaptable and providing a family-friendly work schedule.  Competitive compensation and benefits are also part of the perks. The pest control industry provides a desirable long-term opportunity for female go-getters and hard working moms.


You do not need a degree in Entomology to work in pest control

When hired on, pest control companies immediately provide extensive industry training. This training includes certification and professional growth opportunities to employees. A good majority of women in the pest control industry have higher educations such as Business, Finance, Marketing or Sales, but a college degree is not required to climb the corporate ladder.

In addition, professional or personal experiences as a mom, caregiver, or working in other customer oriented business fields are a plus. Customer service environments provides skills needed to succeed in pest management. Women know it’s not just about getting rid of pests, it’s about helping someone solve a problem.


Women like to listen and help resolve issues

Pest control is a customer driven industry that is reliant on communication and relationships. Women are strong believers in the importance of listening to concerns and building relationships. To add, pest control is not just about killing bugs its about having real human interactions with people and providing a personalized service to help protect homes and families.

Furthermore, women bring a different dynamic to the pest control industry. For instance, most females think of the customer first, wanting to help them no matter what, rather than just the bottom line. Customers admire courageous women and ultimately will choose to do business with people they trust will listen and go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right. Women are respected and admired for being conscientious and detail-oriented.


Dynamics women bring to the table in pest control

  • Women may be more liable to be compassionate and understanding.
  • Likewise, women can be more approachable around frazzled and stressed out customers.
  • Females are natural educators, protectors and helpers.
  • At U.S. Pest Protection 25% of our company is women and hold positions in all areas of the business.


Women in Pest Control play a pivotal role

Here within U.S. Pest Protection, we have women employed in every department of the company. There are women that inspect crawlspaces and service homes. There are women that manage and lead a team of pest professionals. Most noteworthy, we have strong dedicated women across the board stationed in pivotal roles.

We have found that within our company, women are respected and admired. Women flourish because they set the bar high at U.S. Pest and are dedicated to doing what’s right. We are strong, unique, and friendly! Also, we strive to set the standards high and continue pushing to be better than we already are. As a result, everyone is stronger!

Above all, the women at U.S. Pest work together as a team and are focused on moving the needle everyday to grow the business. We are certain there is growth and opportunity for all current and future employees. Every female in the company has passion for our customers. We are always ready to take on new challenges. We treat the men employees at U.S. Pest protection with respect and also encourage them to grow and to exceed in providing the best customer service in the world!


Pest Control Solutions

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