What are Click Beetles  РA wire worm or better known as the click beetle is a common type of beetle found in middle Tennessee. There are very few other insects that have the unique clicking ability that these beetles have. They can range in a variety of size, and they all look a little different. There are also over 950 different species of click beetle in the United States. So, with all of these different species, what is the best way to identify them?  

 How To Identify A Click Beetle?

Click beetles here in middle Tennessee¬†can be a variety of sizes. For the most part click beetles are flattened and range in color of species. The smaller species are about ¬ľ inches long. Most species of click beetle are brown and black, however, there are some that can be more reddish and yellowish in color. ¬†


There is a species of click beetle called the eyed click beetle. This is a larger species of click beetle, they can reach up to 1 and half inches and length. This species are much easier to identify because they have prominent oval eye spots located on their wing covers. These eye spots help protect them from predators because it gives them the illusion that they can see them.  


Click Beetle

Click Beetle


How Do Click Beetles Defend Themselves From Predators?  

The click beetle gets its name for its ability to click itself up in the air. When these insects feel threatened, they will make that iconic clicking noise. This tells predators that there is something there and that they should avoid it. Their unique clicking ability also has another purpose. When these beetles get flipped over, they cannot roll back over onto their feet. Instead, they can click themselves up in the air up to 8 inches. Once they are in the air, they can land up right and run away from any predator that may be attacking.  


Are Click Beetles Dangerous To Humans?  

Click beetles are not dangerous to people. They do not have a venomous bite or sting. However, they have been known to cause some minor damage to crop and plants. These insects are mainly viewed as a nuisance pest.  


How Do You Prevent Click Beetles?  

The best way to prevent click beetles finding a way into your home is to call the professionals at U.S. Pest Protection. There pest pros have several years of on-the-job experience that will help you find where these pests are coming from. Even though these pests may not be dangerous they may be attracting other pests into your home.  


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