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Most homeowners in Nashville are looking for the best protection to defend their home against termites.

Termites are extremely active in Tennessee and cause more damage to homes every year than fires, tornados and windstorms combined. At U.S. Pest we believe in delivering the best solutions first and being proactive in our approach to protecting your home and investment.

Why are Baiting systems ineffective? First of all, it’s like fishing for termites. You put a bait in a hole and hope the termites will eat it. The bait is put in ‘strategic’ places that attempt to attract termites. Secondly, the bait systems have a high potential for misapplication by the installer. The aesthetics of the baiting systems are also an eyesore when trying to create a beautiful landscaped yard. U.S. Pest uses advanced technology to ensure quick, lasting results. Liquid treatment system creates immediate results by injecting at key entry points around and through your home’s foundation.

U.S. Pest helps our customers combat termite infestations with Termidor, the best termite control product in the industry.

Termidor is a powerful, long-lasting solution applied by a U.S. Pest Professional that termites can’t detect, making it impossible for them to avoid. It piggybacks on exposed termites, which then brings it into the colony for widespread exposure. Soon after an individual termite is exposed to Termidor, the entire colony is poisoned and destroyed. USDA Forest Service tests show no sign of re-infestation more than 15 years after treatment. That means you don’t need to worry about termites coming back anytime soon. Termidor is safe to both pets and humans if applied by a professional. It’s also odorless, so you won’t even notice it’s there. This is why Termidor is much more effective than bait stations. They rely on termites talking to each other discussing how they just ate some great bait. The termites then hope they are lead to the feast (poison) in the container in the yard.

The Termidor liquid treatment gets any active activity under control within 90 days. The baiting system can take years and never be fully affective leaving yours exposed.

We love to make homeowners aware that a Termidor treatment annual guarantee ends up being ½ the cost of a baiting system over the same time period of time. We believe so strongly in the liquid application method that we have never offered a termite baiting system. U.S. Pest  believes in providing the best solutions to service families and homes. Liquid treatments are the most beneficial and cost effective solution for our awesome customers!

Call us today if you need a Termite Inspection and we will check out what’s going on in, around and under your home! Call us: 615-590-1260 | Visit us: U.S. Pest | Follow us on instagram @u.s_pest to stay up to date.

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