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U.S. Pest Protection Turf Management Special Offer!

Our convenient lawn care & pest control services keep your yard looking great while keeping the bugs at bay. Do you know why a healthy beautiful lawn is much more than being the envy of your neighbors? Healthy lawns absorb as much carbon dioxide as trees and help cut down on noise and air pollution. We all know how hot it gets here in Tennessee! Having a lush lawn will absorb heat and help reduce temperatures. Grass is a great ground cover and is terrific at absorbing water and runoff. Healthy lawns are 2,000 times more effective at preventing erosion than bare soil.
Yard Pest Control Services Lawn Pest Control U.S. Pest’s effective mosquito, flea, tick, and chigger treatments prevent pesky, disease-carrying insects from taking over your lawn, so you can enjoy more fun in the sun. Weed Control, Aeration, & Fertilization In addition to keeping your yard free from biting insects, we also offer grass seeding, aeration, fertilization, preventative weed control, and spot treatments for active weeds. Mole Control Unsightly lumps and bumps caused by moles have no place in a yard professionally maintained by U.S. Pest! By combining your lawn care & pest control services, U.S. Pest will be able to keep on top of your yard & home to keep those unwanted pests from invading your property! Our lawn care program starts around February/March with a balanced application for spring green-up with root development, increased turf density and weed control for pre-emergent crabgrass. April through June applications contains fertilizer and weed control for broadleaf and grassy weeds. These are balanced to meet lawn and seasonal weather conditions. During the Summer months, we will inspect for insect problems and give customer recommendations to enhance lawn beauty and strength. Fall fertilization and recovery from summer stress take place around September through November. Autumn is also a great time to aerate and overseed!

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