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U.S. Pest Protection Honey Bees Under Attack!

October was a touch and go month. We saw super warm days and then got our first taste of overnight lows in the 30s! The Bee Inspired bees faired well however we had a new intruder to dea with this month. Yellow jackets! Out of nowhere in true Tennessee style, these yellow jackets descended onto the hives and put pressure on our guard bees to defend their homes and take no prisoners. Although yellow jackets are carnivores, they do enjoy the taste and smell of sweet nectar.

On one warm afternoon we spotted a grouping of yellow jackets trying to gain access through the side of the hive to get their hands on a frame of honey. Luckily, the crack through which the yellow jackets were making their failed attempt had been sealed by the honeybees with propolis! Although we didn’t witness it ourselves this month, we have heard of yellow jacket attempts being thwarted by honeybees heating up the inside of the hive to drive out invaders that can’t tolerate the higher heat temps. Fascinating!!

What we love about the Bee Inspired hives in particular is that they all don’t stand for much abuse. If there’s an intruder like the yellow jackets trying to make their way inside, the hive defends itself to the bitter end. If the beekeeper (us) makes an unscheduled visit to check on their health and well being, they are welcoming and calm. This is the formula for a well rounded hive and makes us want to create more hives just like this across middle Tennessee.

Thanks to the generosity of US Pest, this dream is now a reality. This spring these hives will be split and duplicated so that more well-rounded bees can roam the countryside and bring back the southern stock that once ruled this land. Long live the queen!




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