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Termites are Active in the Winter Months!

Did you know Termites do more damage to homes in America than all natural disasters combined, totaling more than 9 billion dollars in damage annually!

Termites are still active in the winter. Temperatures under your home can stay fairly mild during the winter months providing a warm environment for termites to invade.

Termites are almost everywhere in the U.S.A. but more prevalent in the Southern States. All homes in America have the potential to get termites. Termite damage may not be discovered for years. Eventually, the damage can lead to sagging floors, loose trim, cracked plaster creating major repairs to the structure of your home.

Check out U.S. Pest Termite Professional Bryan Coffey’s most recent discoveries of active termites, mud tubes in crawlspace insulation and hardwood floor damage.

It might be a good idea to get your home inspected by one of our professional inspectors before the warmer temperatures arrive and swarm season is upon us!

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