Termite guarantee renewals are an important part of pest control service coverage that all homeowners should have annually.

Coverage for termites and wood destroying organisms is extremely important in Tennessee. First of all, termites are so prevalent in this state. Even after a treatment, the possibility of future activity is still there.


Termite activity in Tennessee

These wood munching creatures need moisture so it is important that any water runoff is directed away from the structure.

Tennessee is rated heavy to very heavy for termite activity. There are on average about 13 termite colonies per acre. Some areas may have up to 23 colonies. Above all, a colony can have over 300,000 termites after only 7 years.


Termite Guarantee Renewals

Insurance companies in Tennessee do not cover termite damage. This coverage option is only provided through U.S. Pest Protection services. Due to termite damage being a preventative measure, insurance companies do not provide this type of coverage. Also, companies like U.S. Pest offer solutions and protection all year round that will even get you a free annual inspection. Ask about a termite guarantee for your home.




Insurance companies

Termite swarmers and ant reproductives have wings. The termites rip their wings off. Ants don’t.

Insurance companies don’t cover termite damage. A lot of them actually specify that they do not cover for termites. Termites are considered a preventable issue by them because treatments can be performed to prevent damage.


Tips for new Tennesseans

  • Ask if home you wish to buy is currently under coverage
  • If building home ensure that the builder is ordering a quality pre-construction treatment
  • Coverage for termite protection is very important in Tennessee


Termite damage costs

Of the colony of termites, the termite workers are one of the castes of the colony. They are small, off white, have a distinct head, legs and no eyes.

Furthermore, the possibility of damage from termites is huge in Tennessee. In addition, without keeping your home under coverage, you won’t get a yearly inspection. To add, once you see the activity in the living space of a home, they have already done considerable damage.

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