Termite Guarantees are very valuable to the customer. What areas of termite guarantee do customers value? First of all, customers value different areas of their termite guarantee. We will mention some of the most popular items.


Crawlspace inspection

Over a third of the air in your home comes from your crawlspace.

Customers enjoy that when we inspect a crawlspace we are looking at everything. Furthermore, we inspect the moisture barrier and take moisture readings of the wood. We look for plumbing leaks and ductwork issues.


Other areas of inspection

Insurance companies don’t offer termite coverage.

We do an inspection of the exterior of the structure. To add, we also inspect both finished and unfinished basements, as well as attached garages. Also, when there is an outbuilding, like a shed or barn, we will inspect them, even if they are not covered. Another reason that our customers value our services is that we will supply a free inspection of your crawlspace in the beginning. Above all, we guarantee our service no matter what.



  • Make sure downspouts are directing water away from the structure
  • If dirt keeps showing up at a baseboard call us
  • Have any outbuildings treated and put under coverage


The guarantee

Termites do billions of dollars of damage each year.

Customers love our guarantee. In addition, if the home qualifies for a repair guarantee, then if there is termite activity afterwards, we will cover the damage costs for up to $100,000. Most noteworthy, for a control guarantee we come out and treat the infestation at no extra charge.

Finally, do you own a home and need a great pest control company? As a result, Contact us or ask us about a FREE inspection!

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