Summer Brings Out The Mosquitoes

Summer’s in full swing, bringing its usual bounty of barbecues, pool parties, and other festivities. But along with the Popsicle and sandals come those universally hated pests: Mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in liquid, or any space that’s sufficiently moist. . They are seeking stagnant water sources such as gutters, downspouts, tires, toys, watering cans, puddles, bird baths, tarps, pots and planters. Heavy uses of items such as water hoses and swimming pools can also be very attractive for these pesky bugs.

To help prevent this, it’s best to have control over water sources or even completely remove them if at all possible.  Using these mosquito preventative tactics can be extremely helpful. However, contacting professional mosquito control services will be much more simple and sustainable solution. Professional support will allow you to spend more time in your sandals and shorts, and less time swatting at swarms.

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