Show and Tell – U.S. Pest to Supplement Teacher Spending in a Down Economy

MIDDLE TENNESSEE, October 8th, 2010. Through a new “Show and Tell” initiative, U.S. Pest Protection, headquartered in Hendersonville, is now offering to supplement teacher spending in the classroom through an enrichment program dedicated to educating children about bugs. The program consists of a presentation, classroom activities (including coloring books, fake bugs, and magnifying glasses), and ‘bug jars’ for the children to take home and use to catch their own bug specimens.

For every classroom that participates in the enrichment program, U.S. Pest Protection will coordinate with individual teachers to donate their own particular wish list of classroom supplies.

It is unfortunate, but true, that most teachers regularly spend their own money on classroom and instructional materials every year. According to the recent National School Supply and Equipment Association’s Retail Market Awareness Study (2010), public school teachers are estimated to have personally spent $3.1 billion in educational products last year. According to the survey, ninety-two percent of teachers spend their own money on their classroom supplies, with last year’s out-of-pocket spending averaging approximately $350. With a decrease in educational funding from a down economy, teachers are now, more than ever, stuck with the bill – literally. U.S. Pest cares about our kids, and we pitch in to help community programs as often as possible.